What's New

Created on 3 October, 2020 | 3,180 views | 2 minutes read

New features have been introduced to Addr.bio this summer - This release helps Instagram influencers and businesses maximise their potential and go the extra mile to reach their end users.

March 2021:

- Support for uploading images to blocks and image grids and link block thumbnails (Instead of pointing to a URL)

- Improved statistics

- Premium Bio Page Blocks

- Implemented status page

- Implemented link city tracking

- Implemented link UTM parameter tracking stats

- Better date picker / filtering options


January 2021:

- Support for embedding custom HTML

- Support for embedding twitter posts, tidal playlists

- Support for embedding Digital Business Cards

- Improved load times

- Support service started (GMT - 9 Only)

- Ability to filter/sort statistics / longer data retention period

- Ability to filter folders / links

- Ability to embed Image Blocks and Page Breaks

- Facebook Login/Registration


October 2020:

- Implemented CDN and Cloud Firewall to improve security as well as loading time for our global visitors

- Implemented block storage to increase storage capacity and reliability

- Introducing new web server members and load balancing technology to increase uptime

- Introducing a new member to the SQL Cluster to improve query load times and overall performance

- Introducing weekly backups

- Content protection on links

- Password protection on links and bio pages

- Enhancements to custom domains

Updated on 27 June, 2021