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Build Bio Links, Virtual Business Cards, or Create a Landing Page to advertise your Event or Product - All with a few clicks of a button, using our drag and drop builder. It's so easy, and there are many integrations available.

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Create your Addr Link and promote it anywhere. Easily track visits, direct your audience based on geography, device type, and so much more. Discover which content is performing well with your audience.

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Addr gives you every tool you need to promote your Addr Page, Addr Link - Including the Addr Card*, QR Codes, Custom Domain Names, Pixels, and Plenty of Storage for your content. Best yet, it's free.

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Connect your audiences to all of your content with an Addr Link

Take your link wherever you like and help your audience easily locate your important content.

Create an Addr Link for your Addr Page, social media post, blog, or practically anything on the internet.

Generate QR Codes, purchase an Addr Card, post your Addr Link on social media.

Use our Analytics feature to determine your most popular content. It's free, and it's easy.

Create and manage as many Addr Links and Pages as you like - The only limit is your imagination.

Main Features

Addr is continuously adding new, exciting features.

Fully customisable

Our editor allows you to fully customise your Addr Pages using a wide selection of free tools.

Access anywhere

Create and Edit Addr Links and Pages from your mobile, or computer, from anywhere in the world.

Addr <3 Developers

Our API is easy to use and free of charge!


Add photos, spotify playlists, videos, countdowns, forms, and so much more


Discover your most popular links, generate reports and much more.

Shorten Links

Create and schedule powerful short links that can send your users to different places based on their location or device they are using.

Other Addrsome Features offers a complete suite of different tools to help you arrange your content.

We're fast.

Europe, Africa, Americas - Addr content is globally distributed to ensure your content is available on demand.

SEO Friendly

Your Addr pages are optimised for good Search Engine Optimisation, although, if you'd prefer you can discourage search engines from visiting your page.


Measures the effectiveness of your Facebook advertising by adding Pixels to your Addr Page

Create QR Codes

Create and edit QR Codes with our powerful QR Code builder.

Password Protection

Password protect your Addr Pages while you're working on them!

Custom Fonts, and Style

Addr Pages are fully customisable - Select a custom font, or create a style that is unique to you.

No Ads

We don't display Ads anywhere on Addr.Bio

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Addr allows me to setup pages that link my followers to my other important online content, and the Powerful Analytics help me identify where I need to focus my attention most.


Music Producer, Developer, and Electrician

I love that I can just tap my Addr Card against a phone and instantly display my profile information. Why have I been buying business cards all these years?


Works in financial sector

Cannot complain, Addr is free and it just works.


Makeup / Beauty Industry

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Addr is currently a free platform while it is in BETA, so there is no better time than now to Get Started.

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  • Unlimited Addr Links
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  • Fully Customisable
  • Addr Logo can be removed on request
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Common FAQ

Some of your important questions answered. was created back in 2020 during the pandemic by a busy IT Consultant, who needed some relaxation and downtime in the evenings and weekends so spun up as a hobbyist project.
Addr costs around £150+ per month to keep running, and has remained online for over 2 years. In the short term, there are no plans to commercialise the Addr.Bio platform, however as the project is currently loss making, paid plans may be introduced in the long term future.
Accessories such as Addr Cards, and merchandise may be sold to help fund the platform. uses a web application firewall, updates software as soon as possible, and abides by the principle of least privilege - But let's face it, in this day and age, nothing is unhackable.
To ensure you remain safe, Addr recommend you do not create an account using a password which you've used before, and that you avoid uploading anything sensitive.
The site owners will never sell, or intentionally disclose your data to any third party. For more information, please visit
Yes, but support is not subject to any SLA. You should expect a reponse within 7-30 days. You may submit an support request while logged in, or alternatively get in touch via if you have any concerns.

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